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Hackergarten is a craftmen's workshop, classroom, a laboratory, a social circle, a writing group, a playground, and an artist's studio. Our goal is to create something that others can use; whether it be working software, improved documentation, or better educational materials. Our intent is to end each meeting with a patch or similar contribution submitted to an open and public project. Membership is open to anyone willing to contribute their time.
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How to get started

If you want to organize a Hackergarten for the first time, it is a good idea to have visited another Hackergarten as a participant yourself. Then of course you need a room where the Hackergarten can take place. There must be enough connection possibilities (electricity) for the notebooks of the participants and a WiFi with Internet access. Every Hackergarten offers drinks, snacks and pizza for the participants. The pizza is for the break in between, which is very important for networking. We do not order one pizza for each participant, we simply put together a selection of different pizzas. Not everyone always eats a whole pizza and so there is less waste. A formula that has proven itself in Lucerne, for example, is "number of participants multiplied by 0.8, rounded up to a whole number". 😀

In order to facilitate the organization, we recommend the use of Meetup. This platform has proven itself at many events, e.g. in Basel and Lucerne. We are happy to add your Hackergarten to our list of events. You can fork our repository, add your event to the file events.json and create a pull request.

If you want to use the Hackergarten logo, you can download it in the download section on this page after you agree to the license terms.

  • Karakun AG Logo

    Karakun AG is a group of experts who started a startup with a history. Karakun offers technology consulting, full-stack services, and carefree package solutions any of your software-related projects, always customer benefit and success in focus.

    Karakun provides us a place to meet in the center of Basel, Internet access, a pizza budget, and (for some of the Hackergarteners) a place to work.

  • CSSCSS, headquartered in Lucerne, is a Swiss insurance group specializing in health insurance. With 1.34 million insured persons in compulsory health insurance, CSS is the largest basic insurer in Switzerland. CSS provides us snacks, drinks and a pizza budget.

  • Java User Group SwitzerlandThe Java User Group Switzerland aims at promoting the application of Java technology in Switzerland. The Java User Group Switzerland facilitates the sharing of experience and information among its members. This is accomplished through workshops, seminars and conferences. JUG Switzerland also encourages the cooperation between commercial organizations and research institutions.

    JUG.CH provides us snacks, drinks and a pizza budget.

  • Quatico We at Quatico believe in quality, standards and modern architectures powered with and by open source software. We love the web, build our long-term relationships on microservices and actively date microfrontends.

    Quatico supports Hackergarten with a place to meet in the tech heart of Zurich and provides Drinks, Pizza and Internet.

  • codecentric AG logo

    As a pioneer for agile and custom software development, codecentric AG has been a thought leader for innovative technologies in Germany for 19 years. codecentric helps companies to meet the challenges of digital transformation proactively, and empowers them to develop and sustain digital competitive advantages.

    codecentric provides us a place to meet, Internet access, drinks, and a pizza budget.

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